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Postdoctoral researchers

We currently have postdoctoral positions on two exciting collaborative, multidisciplinary projects open:

  • Reinforcement learning mechanisms of antidepressant action. This project will examine whether different reinforcement learning processes are meaningfully altered by different antidepressant medication. The project combines two large RCTs in primary care populations with cutting-edge computational neuroscience assessments. The Wellcome-funded mental health project is very unusual and will likely have a lasting influence on the field of computational and cognitive psychiatry.
  • Computational modelling of longitudinal cognitive function. A lot of work has gone into modelling of behaviour using computational, mechanistic models. However, what we understand less is how to examine these types of models longitudinally, and in the setting of treatments or interventions. This project will study this, and provide a sound method. This is important for the field and we expect this work to be of high and lasting impact. It is highly multidisciplinary with fantastic networking opportunities.

We are also always happy to discuss applications for fellowships or grants to join the lab.

Please do get in touch, ideally with a CV and a brief description of your proposed research.

PhD students

We are happy to host PhD students who have been accepted to a PhD programme at UCL, but are only able to accept PhD students from autumn 2025 onwards (so not this year). If you are interested, please have a look here:

UCL neuroscience / mental health PhD programmes

These are particularly relevant:

Some additional scholarships are available here:

If you have a different funding source in mind, please contact Quentin Huys.

MSc / MRes students

The lab is happy to host MSc and MRes students from UCL programmes. Please contact Quentin Huys and ideally send me a CV and a brief outline of the project you are interested in.

Unfortunately we are not able to supervise non-UCL MSc/MRes projects.


Unfortunately we cannot currently offer internships.

Interested in computational psychiatry?

If you are interested in computational psychiatry, but not sure what you need to learn / know, have a look at our resources page with some hints. You don’t need to be a pro in all of these, but some experience in at least some of the areas is necessary.